Its a snack!!!

Ingredients :
2 cups - Rice flour
1/4 cup - Sesame seeds
Salt to Taste
Red Chilli powder
1 cup - Water
Oil to cook

Cooking Instructions :
- Take 2 cups rice flour, add 1/2 tsp. Salt, Mirchi, Sesame Seeds and mix well in a bowl
- Add a little water at a time and mix to bind the dough loosely
- Knead dough till a soft, elastic, texture is obtained
- For still more smoothness, grease palms with a bit of ghee.
- Now knead dough again, lightly.
- Take pan apply some oil on surface of pan.
- Make small portions (flat circles) of the dough.
- Apply 1 tsp of oil on pan and spread it evenly.
- Spread the small portions dough evenly on pan.
- On slow flame let it fry, till its brown in color.


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